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Simple Scrolling ASCII Art Banner #1
This is a little something special for the 500k posts of!! You'll learn how to create a simple scrolling ASCII art banner in the Linux or Windows terminal.
So, for us, it will scroll the following text across the screen:
But that text will be in huge ASCII art form.

If you're lazy like me, and just want the zip...

Below is the commented code that you can look through and understand.
Save it as
NOTE: I couldn't embed the main code directly here because of CloudFlare blocking me thinking I'm trying to mess with SQL...


# This is not my code, I got it from
# "Get current terminal size on Linux, Mac, and Windows "

import os
import shlex
import struct
import platform
import subprocess

def get_terminal_size():
    """ getTerminalSize()
     - get width and height of console
     - works on linux,os x,windows,cygwin(windows)
     originally retrieved from:
    current_os = platform.system()
    tuple_xy = None
    if current_os == 'Windows':
        tuple_xy = _get_terminal_size_windows()
        if tuple_xy is None:
            tuple_xy = _get_terminal_size_tput()
            # needed for window's python in cygwin's xterm!
    if current_os in ['Linux', 'Darwin'] or current_os.startswith('CYGWIN'):
        tuple_xy = _get_terminal_size_linux()
    if tuple_xy is None:
        print "default"
        tuple_xy = (80, 25)      # default value
    return tuple_xy

def _get_terminal_size_windows():
        from ctypes import windll, create_string_buffer
        # stdin handle is -10
        # stdout handle is -11
        # stderr handle is -12
        h = windll.kernel32.GetStdHandle(-12)
        csbi = create_string_buffer(22)
        res = windll.kernel32.GetConsoleScreenBufferInfo(h, csbi)
        if res:
            (bufx, bufy, curx, cury, wattr,
             left, top, right, bottom,
             maxx, maxy) = struct.unpack("hhhhHhhhhhh", csbi.raw)
            sizex = right - left + 1
            sizey = bottom - top + 1
            return sizex, sizey

def _get_terminal_size_tput():
    # get terminal width
    # src:
        cols = int(subprocess.check_call(shlex.split('tput cols')))
        rows = int(subprocess.check_call(shlex.split('tput lines')))
        return (cols, rows)

def _get_terminal_size_linux():
    def ioctl_GWINSZ(fd):
            import fcntl
            import termios
            cr = struct.unpack('hh',
                               fcntl.ioctl(fd, termios.TIOCGWINSZ, '1234'))
            return cr
    cr = ioctl_GWINSZ(0) or ioctl_GWINSZ(1) or ioctl_GWINSZ(2)
    if not cr:
            fd =, os.O_RDONLY)
            cr = ioctl_GWINSZ(fd)
    if not cr:
            cr = (os.environ['LINES'], os.environ['COLUMNS'])
            return None
    return int(cr[1]), int(cr[0])

if __name__ == "__main__":
    sizex, sizey = get_terminal_size()
    print  'width =', sizex, 'height =', sizey

This is the ASCII art text I made.
Save it as ASCII_ART.txt in the same folder as and
H     H    AAAAA    PPPPPP    PPPPPP    Y     Y      5555555    00000     00000    K   K       PPPPPP     OOOOO     SSSSSS   TTTTTTT    SSSSSS       SSSSSS   IIIIIII   NN    N   IIIIIII    SSSSSS   TTTTTTT   EEEEEEE   RRRRRR        L         Y     Y
H     H   A     A   P     P   P     P    Y   Y       5         0   0 0   0   0 0   K  K        P     P   O     O   S            T      S            S            I      N N   N      I      S            T      E         R     R       L          Y   Y
HHHHHHH   AAAAAAA   PPPPPP    PPPPPP      YYY         55555    0  0  0   0  0  0   KKK         PPPPPP    O     O    SSSSS       T       SSSSS        SSSSS       I      N  N  N      I       SSSSS       T      EEEE      RRRRRR        L           YYY
H     H   A     A   P         P           YY               5   0 0   0   0 0   0   K  KK       P         O     O         S      T            S            S      I      N   N N      I            S      T      E         R     R       L           YY
H     H   A     A   P         P           Y          555555     00000     00000    K    K      P          OOOOO    SSSSSS       T      SSSSSS       SSSSSS    IIIIIII   N    NN   IIIIIII   SSSSSS       T      EEEEEEE   R     R   @   LLLLLLL     Y
NOTE: The ASCII art text looks like gibberish, but when you paste it into notepad, it will look right.

I know it's not perfect... but it's simple. I might make a v2 in the future with some new features and fixes.

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RE: Simple Scrolling ASCII Art Banner #2
This is interesting. Unique tutorial.


RE: Simple Scrolling ASCII Art Banner #3
(03-12-2016, 01:15 AM)Primitive Wrote: This is interesting. Unique tutorial.

Well, thanks. Smile


RE: Simple Scrolling ASCII Art Banner #4
Don't thank me. You're the one who created the tutorial.


RE: Simple Scrolling ASCII Art Banner #5
(03-12-2016, 12:46 AM)m0dem Wrote: If you're lazy like me, and just want the zip...

Check the OP.


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