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filter_list Silver [AUTOBUY][EPIC] Big Father Bot - The Grand Daddy of Software
[AUTOBUY][EPIC] Big Father Bot - The Grand Daddy of Software #1
[Image: HrntdJe.jpg]

The Big Father BOT
The big daddy of waresoft

Do you want to have your own protection? =)
-Because @kent9876, didn't want to have one and I, daddy, took his entire stuff and can give it to everybody.

What can I provide for you?

Well, that stolen taken stuff can give you LOTS of things, also you automatically become one of my kents. Here some examples:
Daddy Bot Wrote:Apollo Miner
Apollo Miner - Silent CRYPTONIGHT miner that allow you to mine cryptocurrency silently.

Daddy Bot Wrote:Neptune Clipper(mystery one?)

Daddy Bot Wrote:Wave Loader
Wave Loader - Allow you to load your files in victim's PC and run it silently.

There a few packets:

FULL includes:
Apollo Miner, Wave Loader, Neptune Clipper

MEDIUM includes:
Neptune Clipper, Wave Loader

IZZY includes:
Apollo Miner, Neptune Clipper

Contact my manager in Telegram for further info:




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