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Should I install Linux ?! filter_list
RE: Should I install Linux ?! #11
(10-23-2019, 03:51 PM)Nyx Wrote: I think @mothered does a lot of his security work on Windows

I certainly do, from back In the days of the good old 16-bit Windows 3.1.
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RE: Should I install Linux ?! #12
Here is the route I would take:

- Get VirtualBox (it's free)
- Figure out how to get Debian on there. Why Debian? because it is a very basic and bare bones OS. you will even have to get sudo up and running yourself. Why waste the time doing that? because throughout your time using Linux you will likely be searching for a lot of help on Stack Exchange and various Linux forums.
- From there you will have a better idea on how to use command line tools such as those default on Kali Linux and Parrot OS
- After all that you can play around with Arch Linux and get used to putting together your Linux OS from the kernel on up

Also, look to see if a Raspberry Pi interests you.

Best of luck


RE: Should I install Linux ?! #13
I suggest you just go all out and install bare-bones (no DE) Debian and set it up from the ground up. This way you learn the very basics of Linux, which will likely be a useful skill set for hacking. Also, as is probably said a many time before, cybersecurity tools on Linux are the very much better. In terms of performance, a bare-bones install of Debian can be way friendlier on the 2GB of RAM that is inside your computer, just don't install gnome or some other heavy DE. I suggest XFCE since it is light-weight but still a DE to take care of certain aspects that might confuse n00bs (like drivers, mounting, and configuration files). I'd say use it as your main OS, not in a VM to ensure good performance, and to stop you from backing out Wink
- Jarlold <3


RE: Should I install Linux ?! #14
(10-13-2019, 02:53 AM)Jokerino Wrote: Well. I’ve been a windows user all my life, never seen love or used a Linux system. But recently I’ve been interested in learn coding, hacking, etc and I’ve read that Linux is a better option that win10, which im currently  using. One of the main reasons that I’m thinking in switching is because I have a dual core 1.7 or 1.9 (don’t remember now 🤣) with 2gb of ram (what can I say, I’m a poor guy ahah) and the laptop in extremely slow as u can imagine. So let’s cut the bull***
What I really want to know is
It’s pays off using Linux to hacking?
Does Linux going to run smoother than win?
Should I go all the way down or switch slowly?( I’m a fast learner and a smart guy)
What version is better for hacking?
Can someone provide me a Linux link with the best version to hack(as I asked up there) and how to install, some programs to start with?! Like a starter kick for newbies

Well, I don’t remember anything else I wanted to ask, therefore thanks all in advance and I really hope that this forum isn’t like the other ones that I posted something like this and told me to google it 🤦🏽‍♂️
I’m gonna let here some contacts if anyone is interested in a fast help in private
WhatsApp: +5584994673464
Telegram: latnok1
Icq: latnok

Good hacking for everyone! 🏻‍♂️
I think it's smoother


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