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Shooter #1
Does anyone watch the television show 'Shooter'? What are your thoughts on it?

It's an American television series, which started in November 15th 2016. It's currently up to season 2, episode 8. Season 2, episode 8 aired in September 5th 2017. Been a while, as Ryan Phillippe, who plays Bob Lee Swagger (the main character), broke his leg at the time Shooter was in the midst of filming the ninth episode for Season 2.

I read somewhere that season 2, episode 8 is going to be put as the ending of season 2, and will return as Season 3 - no date set yet though.

I just finished watching all current seasons and episodes. I enjoyed the Shooter movie a lot, and needed a new television series to watch a couple weeks ago, so I chose this.

I was on the edge of my seat watching every episode. It has a lot of action and suspense. Excited for season 3, hope it comes very soon.
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Shooter #2
I thought it was alright, they could have given him more of a home life, as Swagger was a family man. But he was okay as a character on TV. The books captured him a lot better, and some things in the television series didn't add up. From me, I'd say it gets 4/5. Overall, I'd recommend it to my casual friends but not someone that likes to pick things apart and analyze the details as they collide with the books.
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RE: Shooter #3
I enjoyed the first season. I loved the movie and the show uses all of the major movie plot points but puts its own twist on it. It's only 10 episodes so it's not a huge time commitment.


RE: Shooter #4
Haven't seen the show. I'm assuming it's related to the movie of the same name, which was a pretty good one.
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