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filter_list Scammed by @FunkyG like so many others
RE: Scammed by @FunkyG like so many others #81
(11-12-2018, 10:21 AM)FunkyG Wrote: We were both scammed.

Now you know how everyone feels due to your Incapacity to reimburse them.
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RE: Scammed by @FunkyG like so many others #82
(11-12-2018, 10:21 AM)FunkyG Wrote:
(11-12-2018, 07:15 AM)DragonicRek Wrote: I do realize that this is all done on discord, but I have something more to add on.
I recently talked to @anarchoworld  whom I didnt contact for a couple of months now.
While talking about SE'ing, he revealed to me that he had been scammed by FunkyG out of $900.
When I asked what, he explained that it was "the iphone x and some other stuff"

I want to not trust him, but considering that FunkyG himself is in murky waters, I have sided with the victims.

We were both scammed brother. We bought a whole high school network only to find out that we got scammed. I paid $3500 and he paid $625.
So yeah...

What he is saying is that you never refunded him for failed Iphone X SE and some other items.
Now that one more person has spoken up, which I just discovered, I am under the assumption that OP was correct in stating that there are many more people which you've scammed. The people who were scammed didn't speak up since it was 2+months since it happened.

More importantly, by your response, it is clear that you validate the chat messages in that you did scam him.
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