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RE: SE Group name #21
(05-14-2019, 04:50 PM)dmcv18 Wrote: How do I join? Done a fair bit of SE myself and wouldn't mind not paying for my lifestyle again.

For now, we're still very green and no one is joining anything haha. Give us some time Biggrin

RE: SE Group name #22
I see a lot of people including myself are going with Deceit.
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"Crack it open, throw it in a pan and let it cook." ~ Filthy Frank

RE: SE Group name #23
(05-14-2019, 05:32 PM)Drako Wrote: I see a lot of people including myself are going with Deceit.

Yessir it seems like a clear winner.

Thanks everyone for your cooperation.

RE: SE Group name #24
Very excited for this group to release. I hope that together as a community we can work to make it a really great thing.

To everyone asking about how to join, @Strait McCool and I decided it would be in the best interests of the group's future if we made it invite only for members who show an interest in social engineering. This is not to say that this group will be exclusive to experts who've mastered the art already because that is the opposite of the plan. We want the group to be a place of learning, a compendium of knowledge so to speak for members to learn from, however we will hand pick members that we see contributing to the section and to the forum as a whole in a positive way to make sure that our group doesn't become diluted with inactive/poor members. If you would like the opportunity to join the group when it becomes established, I'd personally recommend members to start writing tutorials and creating some discussion in the SE section as when the group comes into the fray we will for sure be looking to form the foundation of our group by recruiting our founding members.
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