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Rust | No Recoil | Status (26/05/2020) - Undetected filter_list
Rust | No Recoil | Status (26/05/2020) - Undetected #1
Works with any mouse.
For license and Cracked version
Available for a test (up to 12 hours).
After purchasing software, you get an individual assembly (which will provide you with maximum security when using software).
By purchasing software from us, after payment you will receive an executable file (EXE)

Available weapons now:
-M249 (machine gun)
-Assault Rifle (AK-47)
-LR-300 (semi-automatic rifle)
-Thomson (submachine gun)
-Custom SMG
-Semi-automatic rifle (SAR)
-M92 (Beretta)
To buy, write to disc - 1337#1675

Also, when you purchase, you get:
1) Help in setting up;
2) Technical support during subscription activity;
3) The possibility of minor changes in the software at your request (surcharge is possible depending on the complexity of the order);

Existing tariff plans:
1 month - $ 20

There is also a referral program: “bring a friend” (conditions see below).

Terms of the "bring a friend" program:
If the customer indicates your contact details during the purchase, then you will receive 23% of the days in the subscription accounting.
When renewing your subscription, you will also receive 23% of the days your referral purchased to account subscription./

ATTENTION: First customers will receive a discount of $ 5 (subsequent monthly subscriptions will also cost $ 15)
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