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filter_list RDP Multi Tool
RE: RDP Multi Tool #41
New version

+ Added the ability to change the naming of buttons / files for the Sorter (Good, Offline, etc.).
+ Added 2 new services ( and for GEO .
+ When exporting servers, you can select a file name.
+ When you start the software checks for updates, if there is information about it (a pop-up window in the tray).

[Image: S4Wt44i.gif]


RE: RDP Multi Tool #42
Today and tomorrow the price is $ 19 instead of 25.


RE: RDP Multi Tool #43
++Today and tomorrow the price is $ 19 instead of 25.++


RE: RDP Multi Tool #44
New version

+ 3-a-tab takes 3-5 ports.
+ Statistics user, pass, user; pass, you can see how many repetitions for each of them. (3 tab)
+ Added the option Server info to txt, through this function you can save info from the server in the textual information, for example info about the network, hardware, etc., for each server a new txt is created in the notes folder.
+ Added the ability to pause between requests for GEO.

[BStarting from 10/01/2018 I will raise the price of software.[/B]

[Image: wGQBOer.gif]


RE: RDP Multi Tool #45
New version

+ For a quicker check of GEO, the Maxmind (offline DB) service has been added.

[Image: wZ9EaEa.gif]


RE: RDP Multi Tool #46
New version

+ I have solved small bugs(RDP plus,GEO Maxmind).


RE: RDP Multi Tool #47
New version

+ Removed Nekudo service, as the service is already paid.
+ Added the ability to disable desktop themes and themes (TS_PERF_DISABLE_WALLPAPER / S_PERF_DISABLE_THEMING).
+ Statistics sorter, will show how many servers are added for each group.
+ [COLOR = "Red"] Another algorithm for importing files to avoid problems with passwords with @, such as "P @@ sword", "123 @@@", etc. , the old method left only for drag and drop. [/ COLOR]
+ Updated RDP Plus, there used to be a version for NET 2.0 on some servers that was difficult to launch, now it will be for .NET 4.0.
+ Solved a problem in RDP Plus when the server was without a password.
+ Solved the problem when the field was moved when saving the list of servers without a password

[Image: sBaITaS.png]


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