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filter_list RAT My Teacher?
RE: RAT My Teacher? #11
Always a fun thing to do. RATing that is. I advise STRONGLY against changing your grades as you can be ruined in just about every scenario for that. If its just RATing to screw with people, go ahead. Just don't brag about it online or to friends. As I've discovered, very bad idea.
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RE: RAT My Teacher? #12
Not worth the risk. The fact that you're in geometry tells me you're either 14 or 15 years old, which also tells me that you're in the most important part of your school life. If you get caught (which you probably will because people your age have a tendency to brag or make rash decisions) you're going to get expelled, it will be put on your record permanently that you attempted to hack a school computer (which is a felony), and you will never be accepted by a college and it will be hard to find a job if you're a felon. In case you haven't gotten the point of my post yet, do not attempt to do it. Anyone who's encouraging you to do it or saying it's not that bad is a moron. Geometry isn't even hard, just pay attention in class and take notes, that's literally all it takes.
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RE: RAT My Teacher? #13
You shouldn't try to mess with your teacher's computer. You can easily get caught and of course.. if you change your grades, you'll probably get exiled.
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RE: RAT My Teacher? #14
(10-02-2017, 08:31 PM)Skryptec Wrote: You shouldn't try to mess with your teacher's computer. You can easily get caught and of course.. if you change your grades, you'll probably get exiled.

Do you mean "expelled"?


RE: RAT My Teacher? #15
I'd personally stay away from RATTING your teacher, the implications are long and overdrawn, even if all you did was with the teacher if they managed to trace it back to you they would launch an investigation to see if you'd been up to anything else such as changing your grades, this is something you don't want on your record as it can affect you the rest of your life.

If you are looking at getting into RATTING, start with messing with friends or family and work your way to the public but always remember to cover your arse, you don't want anyone knocking on your door.
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RE: RAT My Teacher? #16
(10-03-2017, 04:35 AM)S3xySmurf Wrote: you don't want anyone knocking on your door.

Or smashing the door down at 5am when, at the very least, the evidence Is beyond reasonable doubt.
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RE: RAT My Teacher? #17
It's just geometry dude... how are you going to get past trig or calculus if you want to try taking advantage of a careless teacher now, especially when you probably wont get a chance to RAT every one of your teachers


RE: RAT My Teacher? #18
Don't forget that this can get you into a lot of trouble. I wouldn't recommend using RAT's for anything else than educational purposed or for personal use.
It's pretty risky, they will be able to trace down when the RAT was activated, especially if the laptop is connected to the school network. If they log everything and you're RAT is trying to connect with your client the requests will be logged somewhere. They'll know the MAC-address from which laptop the requests were send (unless maybe you have a good MAC spoofer), they'll know the time that the requests were send.

Now, that means that the "suspects" are narrowed down to your class. Let's say 50% of the people will be excluded because they lack computer knowledge a lot. They'll search your class' devices, chances that anyone else has searched about ratting or has ratting problems are probably rather small. If you have only as much as a config file for a RAT you'll be the primary target.

If you want to do something like this, please think before you act. Getting caught isn't hard. Buy a secondhand laptop from someone, download the files you need from a public WiFi with a spoofed MAC-address. Make sure you are not in the building if it contains camera's etc... Probably best would be if you don't bring any personal devices like your phone, cause it can link to you if you're connected to a nearby network. Download the files you need on that laptop, and install the client. Run a something like whonix on the laptop, build your server etc...

If you want to be sure the RAT will work from the first time, try to do some shoulder peeking to see what AV's are running and most of the time schools have a "custom" AV, I mean they pay for workstation AV's. It will help if you know what gets detected and what not. Then I'd probably recommend a MiTM attack instead of directly plugging in an USB at school. If that's not possible, put the files on a USB and drop it next to her car, let HER plug it in.

These are just a few things you have to take in considiration. If you want this to be succesfull it won't be as easy as just downloading a random RAT and getting on her PC and changing your grades. Be carefull, and again I DON'T recommend you do this.

Also something you could try:
A MiTM attack when she is changing the grades, than intercepting the packets she sends, changing your points before sending them to the server. EvilTwin AP or something? I'm not sure if this is possible though.
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RE: RAT My Teacher? #19
(10-10-2017, 01:42 PM)Bish0pQ Wrote: Probably best would be if you don't bring any personal devices like your phone, cause it can link to you if you're connected to a nearby network.


Even If GPS Is disabled, cell phone tower triangulation can trace the locality (fairly accurately) by using the signal strength generated by the phone, particularly If the signal Is definitive to a given tower. A lot of emergency services utilize this technology to locate the call, when (for example) communication prematurely ends without the location provided by the caller.
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RE: RAT My Teacher? #20
Instead Hacking You Can Study Bro ;(
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