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Quick question #1
Someone has giving me a program with Microsoft Internet Explorer Windows 10 1809 17763.316 scripting engine memory corruption exploit in it. Ill link the source code of the exploit here. I have a few questions if someone knows this exploit enough. How do i get rid of the exploit would a system restore have gotten rid of it? and what does this allow someone to do. Someone on this website gave me a program on discord with it inside it Smile

Virustotal scan on link is included.
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RE: Quick question #2
What sort of program did they give you? Was it MS Explorer, or something else?
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RE: Quick question #3
Was a checker linking to this i wouldnt click the link tho Process.Start("mshta", "; once you go into that i view the source .js and it had that code above that i search on google and found the exploit so im trying to find out.
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