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Python for a beginner #1
Hello  sinister peeps,

I'm interested in learning Python, is there any info such as ebooks, online tutorials, or maybe even a website that can guide me in becoming a proficient Python programmer from step one.
I know the basics of Java , c++, html, css, and perl. I've heard many great things about python and I want to be able to at least interpret and write basic code before going into the complex stuff.
Please include what OS and IDE you prefer to use to code python too

Also what is the best way or strategy, you chose in order to acquire this knowledge and skill?? any suggestions will be greatly appreciated
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RE: Python for a beginner #2
Google is your friend.
And don't forget the official documentation.


RE: Python for a beginner #3
I know that m0dem said that google is your best friend for a reason, but I love helping people! Here is the PDF Ebook I used, am still using to learn python!
Download It Here
I also have a great website that I referred to a friend but was originally an app, up until I just recently found out that they have a website, my friend learned python super fast from them:
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RE: Python for a beginner #4
Sololearn is alright to learn the basics. But after that it's all practice. Practice practice practice
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RE: Python for a beginner #5
Python is best learned with some help from a third party, such as someone who is proficient at it.


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