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PyNoob - The Noob's Guide to Learning the Basics of Python filter_list
PyNoob - The Noob's Guide to Learning the Basics of Python #1
Table of Contents
  • What is Python?
  • How does it work?
  • Where can I get it?

What is Python?
Python is a generic, powerful programming language. It's syntax follows readability -- you can read the code, and if skilled enough, understand what each function of a snipet given does just by reading it. It supports multiple paradigms such as object-oriented, imperative, functional, or procedural styles in a dynamic, memory managed, comprehensive standard library.

How does it work?
Python focuses on readability, thus, its' syntax is easy to read.
name = 'Duubz'
That will print "Duubz" to your GUI or your CMD/Terminal, depending on how you installed Python, or what you're using to run Python.

Python is made from C, C++, Java, Perl, and a cluster of other languages.

Where can I get it?
Python is created by the Python Software Foundation, their website is where you will get your Python version. Remember that Python is not already built into your computer, well probably not, unless you're using a custom OS, thus you need to download and install it.

The latest stable version of Python -- 3.4.0 -- is probably what you want to shoot for in terms of downloading Python.

If you want to download Python 3.4.0, click on the link below.


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