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filter_list PayPal Valid Email Checker
PayPal Valid Email Checker #1
Can anyone tell me how i can design PayPal valid email checker with PHP???
Any advises ?? Smile


RE: PayPal Valid Email Checker #2
I only know one method to verify paypal accounts but the problem is that the user is notified.

Have a look in the link below
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RE: PayPal Valid Email Checker #3
What exactly do you mean by valid email? Do you want to check if the entered string is a valid email (like containing an @ followed by a valid domain) or do you want to check wheather the entered email is verified by paypal?
You can check if it's a valid email by using the filter_var function.
if (filter_var($email, FILTER_VALIDATE_EMAIL)) {
   // Valid email
In case you are looking for the second thing take a look at the GetVerifiedStatus function of the PayPal API.


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