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Overwatch competitive is bullshit filter_list
Overwatch competitive is bullshit #1
Doing placements and first game, we are winning and in second round 3 of our team quit and them we can't do anything. We got pushed to spawn and was game over. They updated the ranked but still letting people off lightly for quitting early it's rediculous. 8 seasons of this shit.

Rant over.
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RE: Overwatch competitive is bullshit #2

Pick one.
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Prodigious size alone does not dissuade the sharpened blade.


RE: Overwatch competitive is bullshit #3
Yeah, you are right. The matchmaking in this game is really bad. I am playing this game for 2 years already, and the competitive mode is always making me mad. Sometimes I get such a bad team, that it's impossible to win and to up the rank. It's freaking me out! I was struggling to up my rank, but after multiple lost games, I decided to order a boosting in overwatch by experts. One of my friends advised me to try it, and I didn't regret that I did it. They have some cheap prices and fast completion speed. Thanks to this boosting service, I don't have to play with morons anymore.
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