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Cromartie Highschool #1
[Image: VTW8gcz.png]

Slice of Life? | Comedy
In modern day Japan there is a teaching institute known as Cromartie Highschool which is said to house the absolute most badass of deliquents. The school basically comes down to nearly daily competitions between the students as to see who is the most badass of them all, performing from ludicrous to idiotic to impossible trials.
In the series we primarily follow the character Takashi Kamiyama, a plain above-average student who seems to have enrolled in Cromartie Highschool due to something 'horrible' he has done in his old school.
[Image: cromartie-high-school-separated-at-birth.jpg]
( Freddie providing coffee to Shinjiro. )

Takashi Kamiyama ( 神山 高志 ) |
The main character of the show, he enrolled to Cromartie Highschool after having little to no choice from what was apparently considered an 'abhorrent act' from his old school. He is trying his best to reform the schools student body ( With quite vain attempts. ). He seems to be just a regular kid caught up in a bad situation.

Shinjiro Hayashida ( 林田 慎二郎 ) |
Takashi's first friend in the school, the trait you may notice him by the most is the perpetually flowing purple mohawk he has. He does his best to help Takashi blend in with the other students. He has proven to be pretty dim when it comes to booksmarts. Like REALLY dim.

Shinichi Mechazawa ( メカ沢 新一 ) |
Again, the most notable trait you may remark about Mechazawa is that he is a robot. However, most the school seems completely oblivious to this blindingly obvious fact, thinking that he is a normal biological human like everyone else.( Except for Takashi and Shinjiro who notice on this almost immediately upon meeting him. ) Mechazawa himself seems to not know that he is a robot. He is possibly the most popular student, being a smooth-talker and fairly charismatic.

Freddie ( フレディ ) |
A student who is clearly too old for the school, he bears a serious resemblance to Freddy Mercury, and may be implied to be so considering that he seems mute ( Attributed to his not knowing how to speak Japanese. ).

Gorilla ( ゴリラ ) |
A gorilla who seems to attend the highschool, he is noted to be smarter than most all the students in the building. He is a pretty talented sushi chef.

[Restricting Revealing more Characters at the Risk of Spoiling]

[Image: wrl-pencils.gif]
( The students at the school are fairly badass, yes. )

The art style seems to follow the lines of the work of Ryoichi Ikegami's (Crying Freeman, Sanctuary. ).
The anime is absolutely full of references, if that is your cup of tea, varying from American (The obvious Freddy Mercury. ) to Japanese (Gorilla's real name is a pun on a famous Japanese singer.) in their jokes. The series is an episode-by-episode basis, only very loosely following a certain storyline, and fulfills its purpose as to be purely comedic at every twist and turn.

I can't give a real rating without bias given that I absolutely loved the anime, but there are many who would disagree given the absence of any real plot and its reliance on comedy. However, I will try given that it is aimed to be funny and, in my opinion, it does its job well.

It was handed the task to be funny, and that's exactly what it did. The series is sadly pretty short, as can be expected, and there may be a bit too much reliance on 'random factor', however it still holds up fairly well.
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Prodigious size alone does not dissuade the sharpened blade.


RE: Cromartie Highschool #2
Very great review, loved the gifs. <3
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RE: Cromartie Highschool #3
I love slapstick comedy - notable ones like Nicjijou and Daily Life of Highschool Boys. I'm absolutely sure I'll love this.


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