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RE: [Official] IDE #81
(04-27-2019, 06:34 PM)Kawa Wrote: I have programmed when I was a kid in pascal,VB , then I moved at college into asm, matlab, and c++, now with my OSCP I took on python,bash , and java.

Even tho I have had a flavor of all these... I've never done it professionally.

Do you think I can still be a candidate?

Why are you interested in joining?:
What languages do you know?:
Are you willing to market products?:
Do you have/know how to use GitHub?:
Of your known languages, what do you consider your best?:
Examples of past work:

Here is the application form for applying to the group. You should edit your post and use this instead.


RE: [Official] IDE #82
I wasn't applying just wondering what level of proficiency is needed.


RE: [Official] IDE #83
(04-27-2019, 06:56 PM)Kawa Wrote: I wasn't applying just wondering  what level of proficiency is needed.

If you're half skilled with all the programming languages that you listed then you should be good. The thing that will probably get you rejected is your post count. Groups only accept members with a fair level of activity, and you're a brand new member. I'd apply in like a month if you manage to get to a few hundred posts.


RE: [Official] IDE #84
Thanks for your time @Nyx


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