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[Official] Deceit | Social Engineering filter_list
RE: [Official] Deceit | Social Engineering #21
@Lucas1543 is our newest member! I'll also be taking some time off the forums so please send any questions or concerns to @Nyx.

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RE: [Official] Deceit | Social Engineering #22
I'm still learning SE so I won't apply for awhile. However this group would be nice to be in.
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RE: [Official] Deceit | Social Engineering #23
I am new to this forum and mainly joined because Social Engineering. I am experienced in this filed and I would really like to share my knowledge and learn something new.

I Se'ed few companies which I don't want to talk about here publicly cause of privacy of me and this forum
I can post pics of my recent SE if required aswell.

I can Ps any type of invoices, and Ps photos to match serial you got.

I am very experienced in SE field and I was member of SE forum called "" back in January this year. Forum is now closed since owner exit scammed.

Thanks for reading
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RE: [Official] Deceit | Social Engineering #24
Applying to this SE Group Smile I'm a fairly active social engineer and have also written two e-books . One of which is public the other i'm about to post for premium members. I help others often and think I can contribute a lot , although I hope to learn more by joining.

I usually don't save proof of my SE's but here happens to be one I did for another user :
One of my e-books is already vouched for by Drako and Malcom. I've posted it in the premium freebies section as well <3 If I can find the other one I'll link it here.

Edit : there's the free e-book. Don't wanna link the premium one cause i'm not sure if that will give non-upgraded members access.
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RE: [Official] Deceit | Social Engineering #25
I want to become member of this group,if it's possible.
I'm friendly with SE,I've not best ,but big(2 years or more) experience in Social Engineering.
Can send SE/Refund proofs which I've done.if it's necessary.
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