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Nightcore collections #1
Nightcore (the genre, not me) has really been making an appearance lately and I'd like to know a few things, as follows.

1. What's your favorite sub-genre (e.g.; Nightstep, Rock Nightcore, etc.)?

2. What's your go-to YouTube playlist for Nightcore? (I already know @Anime's so that's done and dusted Tongue)

To answer my questions and to start off the thread;

I'm really into Rock Nightcore, as well as NC'ed anime OPs and I listen to Nightstep occasionally. Not a big fan of the stupid clubby shit, though.

Some of my go-to's are my YouTube channel (shameless self-promotion opportunity) and a huge torrent compilation from KAT (I'm too lazy to find the link).
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RE: Nightcore collections #2
I also prefer rock nightcore, or anime nightcore xD but I love sad nightcore, like the song "Still here" or "World so cold" or "life is a tear of an angel"

I love nightcore.

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RE: Nightcore collections #3
Here is my collection.
[Image: nightcore_logo_by_sebastian88888-d8hggie.jpg]

click the image.
[Image: master645.png]

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RE: Nightcore collections #4
I've heard of nighcore, just really have not listened to it, I guess I'll swap my usual playlists with nightcore for the day.

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