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New All in One Proxy-Scraping Python Library filter_list
New All in One Proxy-Scraping Python Library #1
One Of the best proxy-scraping library for python3.

Can scrape all type of proxies

Current scraping rate,

Https: 10k+ in less than 30s
Socks4: 12k+ in less than a minute
Socks5: 300+ hq in less than a min

And can scrape all at a time.

These proxies are very Good for cracking.

Using this in python3.....

Install library using pip command
#pip install proxyby41

Usage as stated by author

#Import library
from proxyby41 import scrape_proxy

#For Http/Https Proxies

#For Socks4 Proxies

#For Socks5 Proxies

#To Get All At A Time
scrape_proxy.get_all() [Note: All Are Saved In.
Different Files]

I am using this library.
And the proxies are best for cracking Netflix, hulu.
Very high cpm rate.

Better give it a try guys.

#Hope this post was worth something.


RE: New All in One Proxy-Scraping Python Library #2
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