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Need some Java assistance filter_list
Need some Java assistance #1
Hey guys im kinda new to Java and need some assistance from someone who is proficient in this sector

Some of the stuff I need help with are

Slide 6: Add animation for the door. (Fading might be easier)
Slide 7: Every round add pop up text telling them if they have won the round.
Slide 9: Need restart button game
Slide 10: Need to temporarily disable the door press and restart game buttons while you show scores after user section.
Slide 23: Need to implement the bubbles at the end of each round.
Slide 26: Need to be able to end a game by clicking on the restart button.
Slide 30: Add the face graphics for won/lost to the game over screen.

Its part of a game I have to create as a project
If anyone can help can they please DM me or add me on discord so we can talk there mountZEUS#7769

Thank you I really appreicate it


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