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filter_list Need Help /w a Bypass, Por Favor - Cash Payment Entirely Yours
Need Help /w a Bypass, Por Favor - Cash Payment Entirely Yours #1
Hello you's sinister mooks. I have a slight problem. I've been brushing off my PHP and SQL daily, but have had no time or real reason to teach myself Java/JS based on the jobs I need to do.
I'm looking for someone that can bypass freaking Google Captcha's and get me straight into the sites I need to go to. I have a couple very good reasons for this,
One: One website I need to use has a pretty much broken validation. You can click all the cars in all the pictures it ever shows you, but it's just not good enough to proceed. It's like the server admin cranked Difficulty Level to 11.
Two: I need a script to be able to scrape that which is beyond the damn Captcha, and hopefully sooner than later.
Three: Fuck the police.

Getting my team and I past Google's stupid freaking validation would be worth dollars (yes, actual cold, hard, green, American fuckin' Currency) but coming up with a few lines of something to automate passed the fuckers... Well, that'd be worth a team credit as well as residuals on the project being worked on right now.
More brownie points if you want to stay on with us and get passed any future roadblocks that might get in the way of the databases we need scraped so our business model might move forward.

If you require more details about the pay scale, scope of the project, etc, please PM me.

I never, in my entire life, thought I'd say this, but I'm offering someone a job.

Again: One time payment for a breakthrough, but a paying gig to someone who can stay on and help two truly grizzled vets (Not Woz or anything, but old enough) get some properly legal type income flowing in. The paying gig includes a job title that isn't "Associate" with a company that isn't "Mom's Car Wash" and pays "actual dollars." Shit, you could be a tax paying citizen for poking holes in BS for us!

Get at me if you're a cool kid! I'm pretty cool, some things I just cannot be fucked for though, so this is your opportunity!


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