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RE: My webprojects - Please rate #31
(05-28-2017, 09:08 PM)Sikom Wrote: Hey again, not to long ago I was here and showed you the website I had been working on.

I am now here again to ask all of you what you think of my newest additions. These include, a front welcome page (, an url shortener (, and a image gallery ( (Please note that the pictures in the gallery are not my own). Also please note that the image gallery is a side project and is not supposed to connect with the main page.

Please tell me what you think, any improvements. Anything I could improve?

Thought I would tag some of the people that said something last time

Here are some tips:

• The background color doesn't match with the logo in my opinion.
• Change the font of the start page
• Fix your logo because it's LQ for me, it looks blurry to me
• The titles of every section, please remove those lines it would look much cleaner

If you've fixed those 4 things your website should look a lot better and more interesting to read
[Image: IVik0Cc.jpg]


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