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filter_list Method to spread RATs
Method to spread RATs #1
Can someone share some of their own used methods of spreading RATs with success ratio? I know torrenting is a way but want to know more about this? how to get more victims?
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RE: Method to spread RATs #2
I thought @Blue had an orginial spreading method.

There are many ways to spread. You just need some creativity.
For example, you can bind it to a PDF and send it to a lot of emails with a convincing message to open the PDF.
You can also create something that will auto-spread your RAT and drop USB sticks near large companies.

You can go to an internet Café and make sure that every user that logs in receives the virus when they login. There are plenty of options, but the most important thing is share, share, share. You need to have a lot of links that lead to your file. Not only pack your file as an .exe but bind it with an .APK too. Stuff like that.

Remember, ratting is illegal and can cause you jail time if you live in the wrong country.
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