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Man uses python to buy a bus pass filter_list
Man uses python to buy a bus pass #1
I found this pretty cool and wanted to share it with you guys.

Quote:I take the bus everyday. It's terrific. There's nothing better than getting a full sixty minutes everyday to close your eyes, drink coffee, and get lost in a podcast before work.

I wish I could say that purchasing bus passes from Madison's website was just as relaxing. Because my wife picks me up from work in the afternoon, it is most cost effective for me to buy a new Adult 10 Ride voucher every two weeks. Every two weeks, I have to dig through their crusty website to find their purchase form. All in all, there are about six pages across two different domains - each loaded with their own set of over-crowded menus and repetitive forms.

I am sure I was using the site wrong. At one point I tried to make a persistent account. I bailed half way through, fearing I was actually about to sign up for a miracle pill or a magazine subscription.

Full article here.
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