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Malware Collection v1.0 filter_list
Malware Collection v1.0 #1
do not attempt to open or execute ANY of these files unless you are 100%
sure you know what you are doing

any file found in a .7z has no password.

Entire Malware Collection:


i might also mirror this on a gdrive. also, if there are some better hosts for large amounts of files let me know.

What this contains:

level 0 - undetected yet shady objects that probably should have been detected but for some reason never were by any scanner

level 1 - these are the toolbars, pc-cleaners, fake versions of chrome, and PUPs of all sorts. don't discount this level of malware. installing just a few of these can cause an average PC to lock up and basically not run.

level 2 - trojans and worms / back doors, rats, and all other nasty rootkits

level 3 - the worst of the worst. Kiss your installation goodbye (and possibly anything on a networkshare). these are found in level 2 but were also put in their own category due to severity. Worms that traverse networks, Cryptolockers, Botnets, and a link to a GTAV SKDIROW (fake/ full of infections) because why not.

you have been warned. have fun.

By downloading any of these files you agree that neither me, nor anyone at https://www.sinister.ly, this board or otherwise, take any responsibility for any loss of data, expressed or otherwise, on any computer running any of the files found in any of the links here, at any time, from now until the end of time.
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RE: Malware Collection v1.0 #2
Interesting share, but can they be reverse engineered?
free @pvnk


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