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RE: Recruitment and info thread #21
Do you meet all the requirements?: Sure do
What Lunar-related topics do you enjoy?: Pretty much all of the above. Software is a little ambiguous to me I guess but the rest of them make sense and are relatively applicable.
How would the group and forum benefit from your addition?: Creating discussion around the pertinent topics to promote the groups activity and guides centered around technology also in the name of the group since as it is right now nobody is really representing it at all.
Why do you want to be in Lunar?: Admittedly nobody really wears the user-bar so I didn't know this group existed still, and I didn't really know what it was centered around. Had I known it was around technology and that all the topics the group has in their advertisement are applicable to me I probably would have applied ages ago.
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RE: Recruitment and info thread #22
Do you meet all the requirements? : Most definitely.

What Lunar-related topics do you enjoy? : Literally all of them except jailbreaking.

How would the group and forum benefit from your addition? : I believe, actually I know, that I have the capability and still do output high quality threads and posts. In my experience and hopefully everyone elses, I'm very good at helping others out on the forum which I know is needed skill for this group. I'm often checking updates in the hardware aspect of things so I'm aware of any new hardware. I will be online very frequently, and I definitely won't go MIA for a year ever again.

Why do you want to be in Lunar? : As I answered in the above question, I'm quite passionate about almost all of these topics. In that case, I would definitely want to be in a group that will discuss these things regularly. Also to help other people with issues they may have. Lastly, I've never been in a group on here, and I'd like Lunar to hopefully be my first first!

Edit: It would be my second group now.
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