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RE: Learning C# #21
(10-20-2017, 03:13 AM)Ender Wrote: It's great advice though, once you know a few languages, you know them all.

This is why I advise people to learn C before anything else. C set the standard for common syntax, and it's low enough that you're going to be forced to understand how everything works. If you can't figure out wtf is going on with this STL container in C++11, no worries you can write your own.

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RE: Learning C# #22
I think there are bunch of c# tutorials on YouTube to start with.

You should start with something like calculator, or text manipulation tool, or simple login system and google codes that you need.

After some time you'll figure out how language works and all will be easier and more understanding.
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RE: Learning C# #23
i have much c sharo shit dm me


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