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Leak discovering your isps loopholes part 1 filter_list
RE: discovering your isps loopholes part 1 #11
Basic stuff.
I just skimmed through it, the difference between TCP and UDP is that TCP establishes a connection and uses types of CSMA/CD and CSMA/CA on Mac OS Systems.
TCP needs a consistent connection to make sure the data received hasn't either been, (a Tampered with, or (b there are no errors in the communication.

UDP doesn't care whether the data gets to the other end, like VoIP, if you kept checking for errors all the time like on TCP, then expect another black hole to open every 1ms, UDP says 'Yeah couldn't care less, it's Skype, talk now, and if the other end of the protocol stack goes laggy - just carry on'
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RE: discovering your isps loopholes part 1 #12
how to scan for loop holes in your isp please may u expalin practicle example tools and method


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