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Leak [NEW] INTERHOOK + CS: GO LJXD Injector v1.7 filter_list
[NEW] INTERHOOK + CS: GO LJXD Injector v1.7 #1
[NEW] INTERHOOK + CS: GO LJXD Injector v1.7

[Image: maxresdefault.jpg]

[10.10.2019] [Images, Aimbot, Misc, Legit Antiaim]

After entering the map, enter the MISC tab and use debugging

How to upload the configuration?

1. Inject cheetahs

2. Go to the Settings tab

3. Name the configuration and then save it

4. Go to steam -> right click on PROPERTIES -> Local files -> Search local files -> memesense -> settings

5. Load the configuration from the attached file

6. Go to CSGO -> configs tab -> update

7. Join the server

8. Select config and click LOAD

How to enable

1. Download the attached file and unzip the file

2. Run Injector CS: GO LJXD Injector v1.7

[Image: 3.png.c9a38e8bb2a2ae4fa6bc64e2cc938f6b.png]
3. Run CSGO

4. Inject INTERHOOK.dll into the game

5. Start the menu with the INSERT key

6. Have a good game ??


Information scheme on trap detection:

Due to the fact that there are different trap detection systems, it is prohibited to publish publications that do not contain information and to deceive other users.
To avoid the warning, simply attach information such as:
Screenshot of the main menu of the game / profile,
The date with the time of the last game with trap enabled,
History of previous tricks (if any) used in the last (1 - 4) days,
History of previous injectors used (when using a trick in the form * .dll).


RE: [NEW] INTERHOOK + CS: GO LJXD Injector v1.7 #2
Please provide Virus total.


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