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Leak [NEW] Fortnite Macro Building Script | AND RAMP RUSH | filter_list
[NEW] Fortnite Macro Building Script | AND RAMP RUSH | #1
[NEW] Fortnite Macro Building Script | AND RAMP RUSH |

[Image: maxresdefault.jpg]

Status: [Undetectable]
Script: Updated 10/10/2019

This is an AutoHotkey script that allows you to build a style Rush Ramp and many more things And with just one button!


Q: Can I be expelled for that?
A: You can be expelled for inhuman reactions (when you get many reports), you cannot be excluded for having the script running, because it does not interfere with the game's source code or with any of its files (it simply mimics mouse movements and keyboard)!
Q: The script creates something strange!
A: Check if you have edited the ceiling (the first two tiles up so that the ceiling looks like a ramp towards us).
Q: At what resolution is the script executed?
A: At any resolution, the script is universal and MUST work for everyone! (If something does not work, see section 5)
Q: Once it is built well and once it is built poorly. Why?
A: Remember to build the first two "layers" one below the other, and each of the following when the stairs jump down in the construction mode. Explanatory video> LINK YOUTUBE <
Q: I press the button and nothing happens!
A: Verify if you have a script adapted to your configuration. Tz. Do you have default compilation keys (F1, F2, F3, F4)!
Q: How do I change the button that executes the script / or assign the script to my key configuration in the game?
A: I refer here to my previous video where I show and explain step by step how to do it> LINK YOUTUBE <
Q: When is the new update / link / macro?
A: I will try to publish something more frequently, but if you have any idea and need for a macro, write. Then I will know immediately what script to write.
How to install:

Version with an instructional video where it shows exactly step by step how to configure the previous script, but here we do everything in a similar way! > YOUTUBE LINK <

Manual version:
Download and install AutoHotkey

Download my script
Fortnite-macro_RecON AND RAMP.rar

Unpack and run it
Turn on Fortnite and enjoy building in the blink of an eye with just one button!

Basic Keys:

(B) Single layer construction of Y RAMP RUSH
How does it work

First we edit the ceiling (the first two mosaics facing up so that the ceiling looks like a ramp towards us). Press the script key (B) and build the first two layers one below the other, and each subsequent layer when the stairs in the construction mode jump towards us. I explain how it works in the presentation video below.

[Image: watch?v=Lutq27IGw_k]


RE: [NEW] Fortnite Macro Building Script | AND RAMP RUSH | #2
Please provide Virustotal your leaks.


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