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Leak [NEW]FAST | MultiRDP Checker alpha (2019) filter_list
[NEW]FAST | MultiRDP Checker alpha (2019) #1
[NEW]FAST | MultiRDP Checker alpha (2019)

[Image: image.png]

This tool can detect the user's successful login (not just verify the user / pass)
Made for authorization verification on many RDP servers.
It is too fast to be used as a gross RDP tool, but it is very accurate and reliable to verify already cracked RDP Smile

Notice: This tool has the opportunity to become an RDP cracker by implementing multiple threads.

The tool is obfuscated can give false positives

Create a text file that contains the RDP information in the following format per line.
[Ip Address]: [port] @ [Machine name] \ [Username]; [Password]

Open the application and click on load, then start and wait ...
Warning: LoggedIn RDP's enters a file called good.txt next to the application's executable file.
Notice: The input format is designed to load the output of some other rdp crackers that I don't want to name here Smile, but you can easily implement yours!



RE: [NEW]FAST | MultiRDP Checker alpha (2019) #2
Thread moved from the Website & Server Hacking forum to Cracking Tools.

Please provide an online virus scan report of the executable.
[Image: AD83g1A.png]


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