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[Hobby Section] Make your glock (look like) a machinegun #1
As I get more time and experience into 3d printing guns, I'll probably make more threads about it. For now though, I'm going to give you a treat:

Here you will find a 3d printable file, which almost exactly (it's actually made from a real one) resembles a glock auto sear. This is a drop in part, and simply replaces the backplate on your slide.
[Image: kjWy9w0.png]
Disclaimer: this is NOT a real auto sear, it's been designed so that nothing you do to it will turn it into one. The astute gun lovers around will know that this is only half of the sear, and that the other half won't fit.

But, as more of a demonstration of how gun control doesn't work (I mean really, it's actually cheaper and easier to print the real one) without committing a felony yourself, feel free to print this out, slap it on your carry gun, and watch the fudds in your town gasp in horror.
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RE: [Hobby Section] Make your glock (look like) a machinegun #2
I wouldn't doubt people have printed the full sears.

Reminds me of the frames these guys sell:
[Image: 7ajmN5P.jpg]

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