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Kinda lost with groups #1
Hey guys

Not sure if this is the right place.... but I kinda feel lost with groups....

from what I can read is like secret societies that share a common goal?

is that why I don't see these groups??? I need to be part of one to see their posts and things like that?



RE: Kinda lost with groups #2
Groups are just collections of members with a common interest. For example, if you like Anime, you apply to join Otaku because it's an Anime focused group. If you like programming, you join IDE because it's a group of programmers. Lunar is super ambiguous and none of the members actually seem active, but they are focused on computer hardware pretty much.

As for the advantages of joining a group, they get a sub-forum to privately discuss in, a Discord channel to chat in and a userbar to let people know what group you're in (For example, my current group is Legends). You have to apply to these groups and meet their individually specified requirements and after that it's up to the group leaders if you get in.

As for "don't see these groups" I'm not sure what you mean. In this group sub-forum you can see all the application threads for official groups stickied at the top, and unofficial groups/posts are in the main section. As for the members, some wear the userbar and others don't, it's up to each individual member if they want to represent their group publically or not.
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RE: Kinda lost with groups #3

Thanks a lot.


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