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RE: Investments #11
(08-10-2018, 01:20 PM)LaunchedFireFly Wrote: @FreightTrain is the 401k really an investment? It's only taking money from your current paycheck and saving it for later. Also, with the person who works hard on the cars (using a skill set). As you said it isn't so much an investment but it's something that can pay well, which could fund other investments.

@coup de grâce you said that you're particularly interested in flipping homes and selling them, but you also mentioned that the jobs have to be done quickly or else you'll pay more fees like taxes and insurance. Wouldn't that be more like a normal job than investment though?

@johnathon (and freight train), you both mention stocks and cryptocurrencies. When the opportunity to invest in those options, does it come easy to put your money into them? For example there are people who focus their entire life on trading, but they know all the tips and tricks to succeed, but for many people they can't really say what the company or the market may do next. Wouldn't investing in stocks and cryptocurrencies be kinda like gambling?

@M00N66 buying items on TF2 (played it a bit back) and watching as the prices change on the market is a really creative way to make money, you get to do something you love while making some money. About your old-school radio comment, I read a book about someone who used to import them and sell them as a business. He mentioned how there was a lot of money there at that time.
Sorry for the late reply guys. Also thank you for the wonderful responses!

Yes and no. Given that the money put into your 401k is tax free, you're already earning more than you're putting in. Also the money doesn't just sit there waiting, it's put into stocks and bonds by the company managing your 401k (or manage it yourself) which indeed makes it an investment. It's just tax free stocks that you can't touch for a while. I'm not sure you really know what the term investment means. Market inflation combined with compound interest is investing. Just because it's an investment doesn't mean it doesn't have a chance to depreciate over time. Investments are gambles. You're relying on an unpredictable market's future. Nothing is guaranteed. If you have tons of money, seek idealist looking for capital; youth looking to start businesses worth investing in. If you're just throwing a few thousand or less in, stocks and cryptos are your best bet.


RE: Investments #12
(08-01-2018, 06:55 AM)johnathon Wrote:
(08-01-2018, 06:16 AM)LaunchedFireFly Wrote: No, I'm not asking you to invest in some scam. I've been reading about different types of incomes and was researching about long term and short term investments. I'm looking to buy land later on but at this point I don't have enough money for down payments.
If you have investments, what are they? If you don't, what do you want to invest in?

Stocks and cryptocurrencies, I have a nice little app that has a discord bridge for signals and detecting high volume trades (shorts).  If you want more info just shoot me a pm on here on discord (johnathon#3075).
I'd be interested. Added on discord. Thanks.


RE: Investments #13
(08-13-2018, 05:54 AM)sleaze Wrote: if you're looking for guaranteed money over a long period of time

If I may finish the above post based on my opinion:
get a job.
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RE: Investments #14
Good thread OP.

Some insights I can share.
Stocks - do not trust sell side reports and analysis, 2 essential books ( More money than God / Market
Put your money in multiple currencies
Acquire assets


RE: Investments #15
@sleaze I've heard about compound interest a lot in the past and I've seen it as something crazy! One day your money explodes into so much more.

@FreightTrain I've learned that the money you put into a 401k isn't taxed when putting it into the account, but when it is removed from the account 40 years later, it is taxed as normal income. 401ks only defer taxes until you withdraw. Also, the way I interpret the word 'investment' is that you move something like your time or money into something else like properties or stocks through educated guesses which will hopefully yield an output greater than the input either short or long term. Lastly, the United States market comes in waves, it is very predictable, but has to be studied to know completely. Since the Great Depression, there have been 28 full market cycles which can be observed to what caused the ends and starts of each. Through knowledge, the market becomes predictable.

@mothered, you're very right about getting a job, but when people look for a source of income, (if they are fortunate enough) they should look for something that really pays well and isn't life draining.

@SLC5 Thank you! I've learned that the entire stock market can't really be trusted since the companies have the power to control their stocks verily easy. Also, thanks for the book recommendations. Lastly, when investing in currencies, it requires a lot of knowledge about economics and politics. And as an individual, you can't really control the inflation and deflation of currencies. Therefore, it'd be a more challenging task.


RE: Investments #16
(08-23-2018, 08:49 AM)LaunchedFireFly Wrote: @mothered, you're very right about getting a job, but when people look for a source of income, (if they are fortunate enough) they should look for something that really pays well and isn't life draining.

I very much agree with the latter part of your comment.

Generating a good Income Is one thing, but doing so In an unhealthy manner by neglecting your overall well being, Is another. There must be an equilibrium with work, leisure and personal commitments.
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RE: Investments #17
(08-01-2018, 01:40 PM)coup de grâce Wrote: I am intensely curious towards real estate, particularly in flipping residential and home ownership with high interest rate and quick return on investment. It should be noted that an individuals of tall net worth without doubt straightforwardly have no time to do such an activity since its consuming business venture (eg analyse the market and research for a decent opportunity or social engineering a buyer) yet they are highly interested investing  acquisition cost with of course the intention of selling it for a profit. Priority should be on rapidness as opposed to make a killing. Because more period that passes costs you more funds to fork on a property taxes, utilities, mortgage, insurance.

coup de grâce has proven to have a comprehensive grasp of the real estate topics we have covered in class.


RE: Investments #18
I've been investing in cannabis stocks as well as software/tech stocks. Not necessarily the same types of typical disruptive tech stocks though. Like no social media, no amazon, not focused on hardware.

More like data/AI driven companies. I see that becoming huge. Right now I see a lot of the cutting edge software trickling down into the masses.


RE: Investments #19
hmmm there is many good ways to make money this days stock and crypto are not so safe if u dont know how trading workes (never ever do forex and shit like that u will lose your money)
3 good ways to make money is
trading goods -buy cheep sell higher many products this days sold very cheep online and can be sold much higher price later
second become a reseller find good website with good products and sell there products and get money for that
third- affiliate marketing - get clinets for many websites and make money from that . if u know what u do u can make alot of money creating leads for companies or website leds can be sold from 1-250 usd per lead ! deapnd on the type of leads u creating


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