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filter_list Important Information | Rules/Guidelines
Important Information | Rules/Guidelines #1
Welcome to Deceit! Congratulations on being invited to join our exclusive Social Engineering group. As a group we aspire to help promote our passion for deception to the rest of the forum and to help increase activity in our designated section. To achieve our goal we impose a few rules on our Members to make sure that the group stays active and orderly. This thread is your one stop shop for all our guidelines.

1. Must have a positive reputation. Although this isn't a rule you can control, make sure that you don't dip into the negatives. If your reputation drops below 0 your membership of Deceit will come under review.

2. No open scam reports. As a rule when we recruit members we verify that they have no outstanding scam reports, however during your time in Deceit if any scam reports open up on you, your membership will come under review. If it is determined that you have in fact scammed another forum member (not just group members!) you will be immediately evicted from the group.

3. Maintain a sufficient rate of posts in the Social Engineering section. We expect members to be fairly active in discussions around the forum, you cannot be a lurker in this group. As of yet no minimum post requirements have been enacted however if you go inactive for more than a month your membership will come under review. If you require a leave of absence longer than a month message group management and depending on circumstance we can discuss a temporary leave without consequences.
      3b. On top of posting in the SE section, you must also make meaningful contributions to the section. Making a comment on a thread once and a while will not suffice. Occasionally post a tutorial or an active discussion thread. Group management will discuss with you what a meaningful contribution is if we do not see it out of you.

4. Do not be a flamer. We pride ourselves on our reputation as a group around the forum. If you constantly get involved in disputes around the forum and are not overly well liked your membership will come under review.

5. No leaking. Methods that are posted in our personal sub-forum are to be kept here and not shared. Methods posted outside of this section are public domain to any members on this forum, however what happens inside Deceit stays inside Deceit. Anyone found in violation of leaking private methods will be immediately kicked and blacklisted from ever joining again.

If you have any questions or concerns about any of these rules (or simply found a typo) please do not hesitate to contact either myself or @Strait McCool.

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RE: Important Information | Rules/Guidelines #2
Great guidelines. Looking forward to see what the group does!
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RE: Important Information | Rules/Guidelines #3
Very well defined and elaborated.

The group Is already having a positive Impact, In all major facets of social engineering.
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