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I see why Runitback sold that garbage method now filter_list
I see why Runitback sold that garbage method now #1
It’s a fucking headache and a half and while you’ll make money with it (that you’ll have to rush to cash out before any buyer opens a claim for a chargeback), it isn’t worth burning a bunch of eBay and PayPal accounts to do.

For the record: I’ve been using this method for a week on five different stealth accounts (that were far from cheap in their own right), some aged and some not and getting PayPal to relinquish my money on all of them after tracking shows as delivered has been nothing short of a joke. I’ve had bank transfers reversed, accounts limited and a whole slew of other issues.

Oh, and don’t get me started on what will happen if USPS forgets to scan the “guides” as delivered.

So, I’m going to say this method doesn’t really work and that if you do manage to get some of your money from it cashed out (especially under 21 days) you’re just lucky.

I made $3000 total and I’ve only actually seen $250 of it. And even that money coming to me was by accident because a buyer accidentally opened the wrong kind of case and then closed it, so pp released the money.

They are getting iron clad with this.
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