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I got a bad virus filter_list
I got a bad virus #1
it wont let me open malwarebytes or any torrenting program, prevents malwarebytes chameleon from running and rkill doesnt stop it.

What do? this is cross posted on the malwarebytes forum but no one replies over there https://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.ph...grams-too/

The malwarebyutes forum has farbar recovery scan logs attached to the post


RE: I got a bad virus #2
Its some skid shit from HF. The only malware that attack anti-virus software are from HackForums. The RAT you posted is probably originally backdoored by coder and that is all there is to it.


RE: I got a bad virus #3
Sounds like a tough situation...

I'd suggest running a couple of programs, like SBS&D, and analyze what the piece of malware actually does. A good online scanner is Malwr; and a decent software is Cuckoo (which does most analyzing for you).

If nothing else works, try restoring whatever OS you're using to an earlier state ^^

A small tip for the future: Always run torrented programs sandboxed, or even on a VM ^^
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RE: I got a bad virus #4
yeah ill probably just do a reinstall, thanks though


RE: I got a bad virus #5
Download the latest version of Stinger / ComboFix / Emsisofts Free AntiMalware Kit on a non-infected computer and copy them to a usb drive.
Take that usb to the infected computer and boot up into the locked down safe mode. When you see safe mode as a choice to boot from, hold down the left shift key, hit enter
to select safe mode, and continue to hold down the shift key until you get in to windows. Then, navigate to your usb and run the aforementioned tools. Not at the same time mind you, but one after the other.

Other option:
Burn Kasperskys rescue disk, boot from it, let it scan your entire computer. The updates can take up to 45 minutes, and scans can take hours so set aside some time if you are going to go this route.

Best of luck.


RE: I got a bad virus #6
I Would go 1nT0x!c@t3d's route. unless you have a full backup of your data like every good boy and girl should. in that case save the time and just reinstall.


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