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How does google know my bot is a bot? filter_list
RE: How does google know my bot is a bot? #10
There's no way you can stop Google from detecting your bot. It looks for "bot-like" actions and serves those users a captcha. You could even use your real browser, search a dork, and keep clicking next page and you'd be served a captcha after 20 or so pages. Bing doesn't rate limit a direct search where you parse html, but it has a limit on its API. Yandex limits both API and direct but the API has decent limits.

(06-12-2016, 01:26 PM)Stocking Wrote: Google does more user checking than a user agent alone. However, if it's something such as a search, just use Google's API. APIs exist for more than one Google service, in fact most of them, so if it's something that can use an API, in this case, it should.

As far as what else it does, I'm not sure. I myself have never been able to quite "crack the code" on what Google does. Perhaps it's worth a Google.

Google's search API is deprecated and it was rate limited anyway.


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