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filter_list How did you get into SE'ing?
RE: How did you get into SE'ing? #11
Found a few tuts on fkn0wned and figured out it was a lot of common sense I’d never thought of applying before. Came up with a niche and nailed my method and was soon upto my guts in free perfume and aftershave that I gave away as Christmas presents. Biggrin
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RE: How did you get into SE'ing? #12
Saw a friend getting free stuff, lerant form him


RE: How did you get into SE'ing? #13
(03-13-2018, 08:34 AM)mothered Wrote: It's amazing how all replies thus far, are using SEing for refund/replacement purposes.

When I get a moment, I'll document a detailed post on the power of exploiting the human firewall. This will demonstrate the fact that even the most secure systems are of very little significance - namely when the person on the other end simply hands over critical credentials, thereby allowing access to a restricted gateway.

Been looking around the forum for someone documenting their experiences in SE-ing humans rather than just stealing from businesses.
I should post as well how I’ve managed to get free (or discounted) things in person.


RE: How did you get into SE'ing? #14
(05-30-2018, 04:48 AM)sarcrates Wrote: I should post as well how I’ve managed to get free (or discounted) things in person.

That'll be good to read. Physical SEing Is extremely effective when executed accordingly.

Permission granted, I demonstrated to one organization (unnamed for obvious reasons), how unauthorized access to a restricted building can easily be achieved. I researched the firm prior, by Identifying each external entry point , the timing of personnel entering/exiting, authentication (entry code In this case) and the attire of all employees.

On these grounds, I wore a suit & tie, carried a brief case, selected the most vulnerable entry point based on my research and arrived at the same time as per the start of business. I used the good old "tailgating" method (at the same time on my cell phone as though I was on a business call) and politely asked an employee to hold the door- due to my hands being full with the brief case In one hand, and the cell phone In the other. This justified why I could not physically enter a code (which I obviously did not have) at the time.

It was as simple as that. I documented the method and vulnerabilities, and they've since upped their security by training all staff and Implemented corrective measures to fend off future attacks.
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