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filter_list How did you get into SE'ing?
How did you get into SE'ing? #1
I am actually curious to find out why you all got involved in Social Engineering and how.

Let me know your stories Smile

For me, it started a few years ago, pretty small, just refunding giftcards for myself. Then took a long break. And just got back in since a few months just to test my skills Smile


RE: How did you get into SE'ing? #2
I basically did it because I wanted free stuff, like 90% of everyone who does stuff like this. Now I barely even do it myself because I am way too lazy and I have got everything I want/need.
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RE: How did you get into SE'ing? #3
When Identifying and exploiting vulnerabilities In a given system, a lot of times It's achieved via a combination of technical and social engineering attacks.

I've been doing the above for a very long time, and that's how/why I started SEing.
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RE: How did you get into SE'ing? #4
I started when I was like 13 or 14. I basically just started refunding Amazon. (I know that it isn't technically Social Engineering), as I was a teen and didn't have much money. Then I started SE'ing vouchers for amazon, then refunding the items so I didn't lose any money at all.

Since then I have gone on to SE: Apple, Starbucks, Logitech and countless others.


How did you get into SE'ing? #5
I was broke and wanted free stuff Wink


RE: How did you get into SE'ing? #6
It's amazing how all replies thus far, are using SEing for refund/replacement purposes.

When I get a moment, I'll document a detailed post on the power of exploiting the human firewall. This will demonstrate the fact that even the most secure systems are of very little significance - namely when the person on the other end simply hands over critical credentials, thereby allowing access to a restricted gateway.
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RE: How did you get into SE'ing? #7
How the mind works amazes me and I wanted to learn more about it and the psychology of people. Still do. I know basic, BASIC, level psychology and it's just amazing to see how people react if you push the right or wrong buttons. I started out learning how to get certain reactions from people. Manipulation and deceit are very powerful tools. Just like most people though I've also used it to get my fair share of free shit. Tongue
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