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filter_list High Paying PTC(Paid to Click) Sites
High Paying PTC(Paid to Click) Sites #1
Hi,I'm giving here a list of high paying ptc sites

Note:All Websites is Legit
Some websites given below is paying since 2-3 years
All websites Contains Forum &Payment Proofs
Upgraded Members will get more benefits,Below is only Standars members benefits
For More information visit Respected sites WITH GIVEN LINKS.


* upto 0.02$ per click
* 0.004$ per referral click
* Minimum payout is $3.00
* Alerpay and Paypal supported
* Also earn by Sign up offers & Coontests.
* Purchase referrals at only 0.35$
* Referral Limit for standard member is 100,can increase by upgrading
* Daily 10+ Ads

Link:Click Here


*What you receive as a member :
•Earn upto 0.002$ per click
•Earn up to 100% of click value
•Earn up to 200% of referral click value
•Instant Payments and Receiving System
•Detailed statistics of your referral clicks
•Payments via Alertpay & PayPal
•Profesional Support
•Daily 5+ Ads
•Paying Since 2010

Link:Click Here


* Earn upto 0.02$ per click
* Earn upto 0.002 per referrals click
* Daily 10+ Ads
* Minimum Cashout is $12(You will reach in 1 week with refarrals)
* You can purchase refarrals

Link :Click Here


*Earn money my multiple ways
* Paid for browsing ads,Complete Signup offers,Traffic Exchange,lottery etc.
* Earn upto 0.002 per click
*Daily 50+ Ads[/SIZE]
* This site contains inbuilt Ad surfing bot.(Legit)Use it ,Ads will browse automatically
@ Earings will deposit in your account stats (Pretty Simple)

Link :Click Here

5.Cash Camel

*Earn upto $0.002 per click
*Minum payout is 0.01$
*Earn also by Complete sign up offers,Traffic Exchange
*Daily 80+ Ad

Link:Click Here


*Earn 10 points per click
*Daily 30 + Ads,Check again in 5-6 hours for more Ads.
*Earn money by Sign ups,Playing Cool games,SurfingWeekly & Monthly Contests
*Download & Install 20$2surf toolbar,and start surfing more 2000+points daily
*All points will convert into money after month's ending.

Link :Click Here

More Sites coming soon!!!!!!Biggrin Biggrin Biggrin

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RE: High Paying PTC(Paid to Click) Sites #2
It's very hard to quickly start earning a decent monthly profit from PTC sites.


RE: High Paying PTC(Paid to Click) Sites #3
(10-11-2011, 11:04 PM)#swag Wrote: It's very hard to quickly start earning a decent monthly profit from PTC sites.

(10-12-2011, 05:43 AM)clicko Wrote: Its very very hard .......................... bump

You can use 20$2surf (Link Given),where you don't have to do anything.Just install their software(No Virus) and open it.Do your regular work.It's simple,But takes time.

Or You can use Given),where you get 3.00$ sign up bonus &2.00$
Purchase Bonus,Just rent 2 refarrals using for one month by purchase bonus...

You can use autosurf bot,BUT I AM NOT RECOMMEND IT.And Cashnhits is giving you
auatosurfing system for their own website,where you just have to stay open a window.
This will not even take 5 minutes
You can start from this sites and use your earnings for upgrading accounts...Biggrin Biggrin Biggrin


RE: High Paying PTC(Paid to Click) Sites #4
good information there. Thanks mate..


RE: High Paying PTC(Paid to Click) Sites #5
(10-19-2011, 04:31 PM)super134 Wrote:

*Earn 25.00 $ Sign up Bonus
*Earn upto 4.00$ per click
*Daily 45+ Ad
*Rent refarrals at minimum prize
*Paying Since 2010

I tried this

but after i read minimum Payout is 5000$ i was like WTF?:oO:
well you can make about ~ 100 - 150 $ if you complete all ads...
I think they are for one day ?

means in 1 1/2 Months - 5000 $ ..

or i'm wrong?

what you think about it , fake or true ?

because i don't want to hang on the site all day.

The speed sucks and just till an ad loaded takes me some like 5 minutes...

No,There is also payout at 1000$,But After you request for payout
They clearly says you that you will only get money from the profit of
Your Clicks.I alerady Mention it above..
But Now There is Some script problem on "Mysteryptc" Site from past 2 days,So I deleted it from my List.I will Give More Sites very Soon...

(10-21-2011, 07:48 AM)ibad17 Wrote: good information there. Thanks mate..

Thx.Good to know you Like it.Biggrin Biggrin Biggrin


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