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filter_list [H] Paypal [W] 0.0037 BTC
[H] Paypal [W] 0.0037 BTC #1
I would buy from a site like coin-mama but they all need you to be 18 and upload identity proof. I'm too young to do that (furthermore I don't have a National Insurance Number , which a lot of them request).

If this isn't against forum rules (as far as i'm aware it's not) , I would offer £15 Paypal for 0.0037 BTC. As far as I'm aware this is the current rate for BTC to GBP. If you need some extra as you are essentially doing me a favour here I will try my best to offer you extra.

Side note : I'm not planning to use the BTC on the dark / deep-web . I simply want to buy some Nandos cards and Google home mini codes from an account shop will be happy to provide proof of this if you would have moral objections to a young person buying drugs.


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