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hello everyone. @bcd3 here. been lurking for a couple weeks and really like the community you got here. i am into physical security as a profession but i enjoy learning info sec as a hobby. I enjoy tinkering with hardware, and with software but i wouldnt call myself a coder by any means. ive learned a lot of se techniques over the years, mostly irl SEing. I would like to post threads about hardware and how to exploit it, mostly physical entry as its what i know best. keys, locks, bypass methods and such. one of my old bosses told me "locks exist to keep honest people honest". theres always a way inside, its just how determined you are as to how long it will take to get inside.

i am here to share information and to learn how to exploit. exploit the world so i know how to patch my own life. lol. the more we know the safer we are. also interested in crypto currency (who isnt) and dapps.

also i cant seem to upload a picture on my sig, can anyone help? i tried a 55kb jpeg, then a 45kb jpg, uploaded on imgur and imgbb but it says "file type invalid" im not sure the requirements on the sig pic but any tips would be appreciated

i like the community here and look forward to sharing knowledge.
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It's good to read you're finding our community of Interest.

If you have any questions or concerns, staff are at your disposal.
Enjoy your stay.


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Hello and Welcome! I hope you enjoy the forum!


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Welcome to the community! But to answer your question, can you convert your file to a PNG? PNG files work on imgur for me. And to get the image to display, make sure you put the file extension on the end of the URL. Right now all you can see is, [img]imgur.com/3mhOCjQ[/img]
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Welcome aboard. Share cool stuff. Try Shodan, Thanks
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