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filter_list Game Everyone Plays?
RE: Game Everyone Plays? #21
I don't have powerful pc and I just sold my main steam, so that means, that I don't play much games..
Playing old-school Counter Strike 1.6 right now, sometimes run WoW with mates and also have some random games on PC (Minecraft, osrs, etc.)
Probably soon download GTA:SA and SAMP and run there Biggrin
// EDIT: Right now downloading Need For Speed: Rivals thought
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RE: Game Everyone Plays? #22
barely play any games anymore but played some victoria 2 recently


RE: Game Everyone Plays? #23
(04-02-2018, 04:38 PM)Nytelife26 Wrote: Personally I play (mainly) Overwatch, GTA V, Payday 2, Garry's Mod and a few other games on occasion.
Here is a full list of multiplayer games I'd be willing to play

EDIT: I forgot to include Fortnite
EDIT 2: I've noticed that at one point SL had an official DarkRP server, is that still a thing?

I miss the DarkRP server, but I don't miss running it. People say DarkRP is for mingebags, for a reason. Instead of being a framework for roleplay, people often treat it as GTA Online. Meaning they spend the majority of their time shooting each other or destroying/stealing shit. Administrating becomes more of a task at that point, and my specialty is forums.

As the server grew, there were too many arguments regarding rules (i.e. announcing raids/hitboxing). Spare time became less common and the server became toxic to the extent I didn't want to waste further effort/money on it. It's a real shame, because we had some amazing custom features (i.e. complex economy/drug production).
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