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filter_list Gambling Websites
Gambling Websites #1
Hey all, I am interested in hiring someone to build me a gambling website like this

I will be the webmaster where I will create accounts for people. Play is being initiated by "tokens" where you pay money for it. A few money processors in mind such as btc, monero, stripe, cc, etc..

Please let me know if you are able to do this and if not please let me know where can i build it myself ex godaddy, etc. or a development team that is able to.


RE: Gambling Websites #2
Hi, you can try to ask from these guys for help. they own an online casino, you may ask them about help if you want. I 've been playing on it, I tried to make some money, and i got a little problem, talked with the admin and he helped me. he was nice and even gave me some free spins in sign of sorry. now every time I have problems i am asking him for help.


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