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filter_list Favorite retro games?
Favorite retro games? #1
My favorite, as of now, is Tetris.

I also like Super Mario Bros, Mario Kart, and Pokemon Emerald Fire Red (recently). Breakout is fun too

What are your favorites?
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RE: Favorite retro games? #2
pokemon emerald is retro?

well then,
- smash bros melee
- timesplitters 2
- pokemon colosseum/xd
- f-zero gx
- zelda: ocarina of time, majora's mask
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RE: Favorite retro games? #3
(11-09-2017, 08:33 AM)Saikou Wrote: pokemon emerald is retro?

Good point. I should define retro I guess...

Anything GBA or older

And oops, it was Fire Red that I was playing, not Emerald
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RE: Favorite retro games? #4
Going by the definition I usually use (2000 and back) well... hmm

Eh, here's a list
  • Tetris - Just a classic puzzle game, recently I've been getting into playing the more modern Grand Master spinoff line from Akira/Capcom but I mean I have and play Tetris on everything from Game Boy to Switch.

  • Berzerk/Frenzy - Well, they're classic little arcade titles with great ports... I have the PCB to Berzerk in my multicade and recently got to try the amazing Frenzy cartridge for Atari 7800 by the magical Bob DeCrescenzo since my girlfriend bought it... the Atari 2600 version was already great but man the 7800 one is amazing. Bonus points for having a Vectrex port - nothing better than the Vectrex.

  • YU-NO: A Girl Who Chants Love at The Bound of this World - My favorite PC-98 title of all time (beats out Policenauts/Snatcher in the VN department, Night Slave in the Run 'n Gun department, etc.) as it's a fairly innovative and entertaining visual novel with an amazing soundtrack to back it up.

  • Akumajō Dracula - You could say Castlevania, but man the Sharp X68000 version is just amazing. More stuff, enhanced graphics, a great FM soundtrack with the option for two more MIDI tracks, and it's all wrapped up in a fun set of floppy disks.

  • Akalabeth/Ultima (pretty much all of them) - Defining western RPGs that show that the Apple II can actually play good games instead of musical farts and badly drawn graphics... hey, they're all cool.

There's a ton more but I'm forgetting right now... I'll probably come back and edit this when I'm not trying to type on a phone, but this is all that can come to my head at the moment.

going to include a few more titles that I enjoy and make the titles links.
  • Shiryou Sensen: War of the Dead - Well it's not as known as Sweet Home for the whole "starting what we refer to as survival horror" but it's the first game I know of to do so being from 1987... in the grand scheme of PC-88/MSX2/PC Engine gaming it's one of my more liked ones even if it is fairly linear and frustrating.

  • Splatterhouse - How did I forget this one earlier? It's one of my all-time favorite arcade machines - I even went out of my way to save up enough money to buy a PCB of the game and supergun when I was 12 so I could play it... an amazing sidescroller which I've learned to clear on one life and am attempting world record scores now and then.

  • Jetpac - Alright, so I dislike the ZX Spectrum for many reasons... joystick interface incompatibilites, a god-awful keyboard, too many function modifiers that do crap nothing, having to load tapes a few times because the input is just unreliable, etc. - some of the games though, like Jetpac, make me look past that most of the time. It was one of the first games from Rare (Ultimate Play the Game at the time) and just a really fun arcade title - it even got a ROM cartridge release because of it's popularity, making it so you don't have to wait 20 minutes for a tape to load!

  • Elite - A damn classic star trading simulator... it beats all my other old ones like Star Trek for the Compucolor out of the water, it's still good fun today, and I own it on pretty much any computer that could run it alongside the NES. It's the reason I bought a BBC Micro, so I can't deny that I like it. there's about twelve more games in my head but I'm leaving it at this as this is already getting long enough.
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RE: Favorite retro games? #5
Mine would be the following:

Donkey Kong Country
Monkey Ball

I really enjoyed playing these games a lot! Miss good retro games like that.
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RE: Favorite retro games? #6
1. Roadrash
2. Virtua Cop
3. Need For Speed 2
4. House of the Dead
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RE: Favorite retro games? #7

This is when I was innocent.
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RE: Favorite retro games? #8
Pokemon Pikachu edition!!!!
Yoshi's Island
Sonic & Tails
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RE: Favorite retro games? #9
Another fun one that I like is the Street Fighter series. Better than the other games in the same genre in my opinion.

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RE: Favorite retro games? #10
Boogerman, MicroMachines, ShadowRun, Zombies Ate My Neighbors,Toe Jam and Earl, This list can go on an on as I love my classic games and still own all my retro consoles, hell I even have E.T. with my original Atari.
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