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filter_list Favorite IDE for java coding
RE: Favorite IDE for java coding #31
(01-02-2017, 07:59 PM)God Wrote:
(01-02-2017, 05:31 PM)insidious Wrote:
(12-30-2016, 12:14 PM)sudara Wrote: Never liked netbeans. Fan of eclipse though I mostly use jetbrains IDEs

(12-31-2016, 02:03 PM)Darksider Wrote: I am using intellij  because i in code java and android too.  And Android SDK use this so..

Exactly this! If i have to use an IDE, I opt for Jetbrains if it's anything other than web development. I personally prefer Atom for Web Development, however. I used Eclipse until it started eating up all my RAM and freezing xorg on some larger projects, at which point i found IntelliJ and fell in love with it. I never understood how I could have ever used a piece of shit like Eclipse.

Although, I mostly find myself using VIM. I only use IDE's if i'm contributing to some large Open Source projects (even then I can't live without a vim-keybinds plugin), or need advanced functionality like refactoring or something i'm too lazy to write a script for that's already included in an IDE. I prefer the debugging functions on large projects that IDE's provide with C-like languages, and the awesome thing with Jetbrains is that it connects right into GDB for C/C++ so I don't have to re-learn any debugging programs, but the IDE also provides extra debugging functionality (like interactively stepping through the code, which can be a HUGE help if I need to see the "big picture" on a large project and how the codebase is coming together).

Vim is love and life though.

If anyone still uses Eclipse I pity them, seriously try something else. Their are so many better IDE's out nowadays and Eclipse is still living off the days where there were only like 2/3  IDE's out and Eclipse was the best out of them.
I might give another a shot. Do any other IDE's share a debugging feature similar to Eclipse? I've never had to debug outside of Eclipse so not sure how other IDE's implement it, if not the exact same.

it's quite similar really. Definitely the same concept, the keys for step-in step-out may be different (I don't remember). If you're using C/C++ gdb is a seperate window so you don't even have to worry about that unless you want to learn it

but for Java as this thread is, definitely pretty much the same
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RE: Favorite IDE for java coding #32
i have been using ecliple for 3 years now, since start of high school. was using greenfoot. however that was terrible


RE: Favorite IDE for java coding #33
I use Netbeans for it's simplicity. It's good for quick development and initial drafting before importing to Android Studio.


RE: Favorite IDE for java coding #34
Eclipse is my favourite, as it's the one that I have always used and I am very familiar with it. Back when I used Debian, I always wondered why the Eclipse package was so outdated (it's still at 3.8 when Stretch was released).


RE: Favorite IDE for java coding #35
The only IDE I've ever used for coding is Netbeans. I've never tried anything else. I'm on the same boat here, uni recommended it. I also use Notepad++ for general coding purposes.
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RE: Favorite IDE for java coding #36
I used Eclipse for about 2 years but just started using intellij


RE: Favorite IDE for java coding #37
Generally I prefer Eclipse due to its simplicity, but I think the best is IntelliJ!


RE: Favorite IDE for java coding #38
The big three are eclipse, intellij idea and netbeans. Eclipse is most widely used but all have pros, cons, and very vocal followers. All are free or have free versions.


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