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EvilAP Defender {Open Source} #1

Today I give you, EvilAP Defender, Protect yourself from EvilAP attacks!

This tool will alert you via email when an EvilAP is found around your area, read more on the wiki:

Aircrack-ng suite
Your wireless card must be supported by Aircrack-ng. Check the following URL:
Python libraries: MySQLdb, Scapy, and Netaddr

Credits go to moha99sa.
[Image: YmmIqHV.gif]
Donations: 1CCR21K2fnu2yAinUTFPsVdY7u4FkjNPs5


RE: EvilAP Defender {Open Source} #2
This is very nice, especially when browsing on public WiFi AP or insecure AP (which are most of the time 2 of the same things). Thank you for sharing!
[Image: 5u8rTPk.jpg]
Click image to go to my website, it has been updated!


RE: EvilAP Defender {Open Source} #3
My IDS detects (by IP and MAC address), any devices attempting to connect to my local network that are not In my trusted zone.

It does not however cover rogue APs. I can't wait to give this a shot.
Thanks kindly.
[Image: AD83g1A.png]


RE: EvilAP Defender {Open Source} #4
Sharing is caring and I thought it'd be best dropping this here, it's pretty slick to be honest.
[Image: YmmIqHV.gif]
Donations: 1CCR21K2fnu2yAinUTFPsVdY7u4FkjNPs5


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