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Earn $400 a week #1
Hey guys, I found a website where you can earn $400 [0.049 BTC] a week. All you need to do is register in that website, and open box with gems you get hourly, predict the price of bitcoin in 5 minutes and double your gems, play roulette and win upto 10x gems, jungle and win upto 7x gems. You get upto 35 gems hourly. Verify your email for withdrawal feature. I'm cashing out 0.049 bitcoin within a couple of days, I'm at 90% of total payout. I will post my own video after that.

Link: Lootbits
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RE: Earn $400 a week #2
Quote: I will post my own video after that.

I look forward to viewing It, Inclusive of the process Involved.


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